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Basis of cover explained

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At Club Care one of the questions we get asked most often from our customers is ‘what basis of cover will be right for my needs?’. We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to understand their insurance cover and make sure that they get what they need from it. The guide below explains what cover options are available to you:

New for old cover

Club Care offers this cover on all caravans up to 15 years old for members of The Camping and Caravanning Club or up to 10 years old for non-members. The key factor here is that you must ensure that your sums insured are sufficient to cover the cost of a new caravan.

In the event of your caravan being unrepairable or unrecovered after theft, Club Care will arrange for your caravan and equipment to be replaced with models that match the make and specification of your existing as closely as possible. The replacement of your caravan and equipment on a New for Old basis will operate in the event your caravan is stolen and not recovered or if it is considered a total loss due to damage caused. Repair work is provided on the basis of the cost of the repair.

Market value cover

Club Care offers this cover for all types of caravan regardless of age, origin or value and your unit will be insured for the cost of the caravan’s value today, taking account of its age and condition. The settlement will be based on the valuation listed in the latest Glass’s Guide or an equivalent recognised medium.

If you select market value, you need to ensure that the sums insured are at least as high as the current value. This can sometimes be a difficult figure to obtain as valuations can vary between dealers and regions, while factors such as caravan condition can be subjective causing different people to place different values on the same caravan.

In addition some factors relating to the unit’s value can be specific to the customer, such as purchasing a ‘dealer special’ that does not feature in glass’s guide or making modifications to the unit or adding new features/furnishings, which would not be accounted for in a standard valuation.

At Club Care we would advise customers to get their caravan regularly valued by a dealer for the best idea of what their sums insured should be. In order to get avoid this problem completely it is encouraged that customers purchase ‘agreed value’ cover, where proof of the value for insurance purposes can be obtained.

Agreed value cover

Club Care offers this cover for all types of caravan regardless of age, origin or value and your unit will be insured for the price you paid for it, provided you have a receipt or proof of purchase confirming the value at the time it was bought. The proof of purchase must have been provided by a recognised UK dealer within seven years from the date the insurance commences.

Should your caravan be stolen or become a write off following an insured incident, insurers will pay the equivalent of the sum insured. If you are unable to produce this evidence then the basis of cover will revert to market value. All claims for contents and equipment are assessed on a market value basis.

If you need assistance help is always at hand – simply call one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisers on 0800 124 4633 and they will be happy to assist.

I am relatively new to caravanning and am not familiar with some of the ins and outs, so I particularly appreciate your good humoured and patient approach when going through the details of the cover and in talking me through some of the issues.

Testimonial from Colin Bunyan, Touring Caravan Insurance policyholder

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