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Many people feel that tent insurance isn’t necessary as a tent is fairly cheap to replace, but can you say the same about your holiday? At Club Care we don’t just insure your tent and its contents, our Camping Insurance policies also protect your holiday should your tent become unusable or be stolen whilst on holiday.

Pricing and discount available

  • Premiums from £32
  • 5% discount for being a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club 

As insurance providers for The Camping and Caravanning Club we offer a number of exclusive rewards to members. Any benefits featuring this logo are exclusive to their members; find out more about joining to receive these too.

Insuring your tent     

Whether your tent is damaged accidentally on a sharp branch, is vandalised while you are out for the day, or even worse is stolen altogether, your Camping Insurance policy will be there to help you recover the cost of your loss and continue your holiday with minimal disruption.

At Club Care we recognise that your tent is only one part of your camping equipment so rather than just providing Tent Insurance, we provide a comprehensive Camping Insurance policy.  

What does Camping Insurance include?

Getting tent cover online from Club Care can help to provide financial protection in case something goes wrong on a camping trip. The insurance can be used throughout the UK and European extensions are available.

If your tent is damaged as the result of an accident, natural disaster or malicious attack, insurance will help to cover its market value and, depending on the circumstances, the items inside.

Tent Insurance also includes the provision of additional funds to help you hire a replacement if necessary. That way, you can continue enjoying your holiday with a suitable shelter.

In addition, your tent cover also includes up to £1 million in public liability cover. To find out more, why not download the Camping Insurance policy wording and key facts document?

Taking care of your tent

Tents can be expensive, and while they're well worth the investment, proper care can help to ensure they last for many years.

When you buy a new tent, it can be helpful to practice setting it up before your first camping trip. This will give you a chance to figure out exactly how it works and bring to your attention if any spare parts or heavier duty stakes should be brought along.

If possible, try to set up your tent in a shaded area, as the UV rays from direct sunlight can cause the fabric to slowly break down.

Be sure that the ground is cleared of rocks and other sharp objects before setting up your tent. Ground-cover is an essential accessory for tent camping, as it will prevent holes in the floor of your tent and help to avoid moisture seeping through.

In addition, never store your tent when it's dirty or wet. If you must pack it when it's still damp, take it out as soon as you get home to let it dry thoroughly.

And finally, don't forget to get comprehensive Tent Insurance, just in case anything else goes wrong.


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