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  • Our trailer insurance will ensure that you are fully covered when you are on the move.

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If you love spending time outdoors and going on camping holidays then trailers can be very useful. It is often difficult to fit all your camping equipment and the family in a car, so many people use a trailer to take the extra load.

Of course, just like anything else, things can sometimes go wrong with a trailer. A car insurance policy will cover your third party liability if your trailer damages someone else’s property while towing (provided you have a policy that covers towing) but want about damage to your own trailer? Car insurance wouldn’t cover damage, theft, vandalism, floods, fires or anything else that harms your trailer - and that's why trailer insurance from Club Care is the perfect choice for any camping enthusiast.

Ensuring that your trailer is safe and legal

There are a few legal requirements to be aware of when towing a trailer to ensure that you don’t invalidate your insurance:

  • Speed limits are different for those pulling a trailer, so be sure to stay alert to the kind of road on which you are travelling, as well as the speedometer.
  • Make sure that your trailer is fitted out with the proper lighting. For example, two red side lights, two red brake lights and amber indicators are all required, as well as an illuminated number plate. Depending on the age and size of your trailer, additional lighting may be required.

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