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Big Fat Tow of the Year 2013

There is a lot of attention paid to the type of caravan you buy, but a towcar can be just as important. At Club Care Insurance we carried out some research to find out the differences between the towcar caravanners drive and the towcar caravanners want, and found some interesting results...


Big Fat Tow of the Year 2013 - Infographic by Club Care Insurance

Club Care Insurance


Here are some of the highlights that we found in our survey:

  • The towcar most caravanners drive is a Ford
  • Almost 20% of caravanners surveyed want to own a Land Rover as their next towcar
  • The second most common towcar is a Kia, and it is also the second most popular manufacturer that caravanners would like to drive
  • 86% of caravanners use a diesel towcar, but 92% said diesel would be their preferred fuel
  • No caravanner surveyed drives or would like to drive an electric car
  • 58% of caravanners drive manual cars but the same number would actually prefer an automatic

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