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Tips for cheaper Motorhome Insurance

Get Motorhome Insurance that's tailored to you, with premiums from as low as £235!

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Motorhome Insurance is a legal requirement, so it is essential that you arrange appropriate cover for your vehicle, unless it has been declared off the road. If you are concerned about the additional costs involved with insuring your motorhome, we can help you to get cheaper Motorhome Insurance using the tips outlined below:

Make your insurance provider aware of safety & security devices

Safety and security devices on your motorhome may attract generous discounts on your premium, so always let your insurance provider know exactly what devices you have in place to protect your motorhome.

With Club Care, you receive the following safety and security discounts as standard:

  • 10% discount when your motorhome is fitted with Club Secure - Appello Geo Tracker
  • Discounts for fitting Tyron Safety Bands
  • 5% discount for a TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system
  • 5% discount for installing a reversing camera or sensor


Store your motorhome safely

Insurers pay particular attention to how safely you store your motorhome, whether this is at home or at a storage site. The cost of your premium will take into consideration your address, the use of any locked gates or garages, or any accreditations your storage site has. If it is deemed that you are storing your motorhome in a safe place, you will often find that you’ll be rewarded with generous discounts on your premium.

With Club Care you receive the following discounts for safe storage:

  • 10% discount for storing in a CaSSOA Gold Site
  • 5% discount for storing in a CaSSOA Silver Site


Choose your drivers carefully

The number and experience of drivers on your Motorhome Insurance policy will affect its cost, so bear this in mind when choosing who will drive your vehicle. We would recommend limiting the number of named drivers to you and your spouse in order to reduce the cost of your Motorhome Insurance. We would also advise that you consider the age of those being insured, as insuring a young driver on your policy could significantly increase your premium.

In addition to this, with Club Care Insurance you can also receive the following discounts as a policyholder:

  • Discounts for length of the policyholder’s motorhome ownership
  • 5% discount for being a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club
  • 60% discount for four or more years no claims
  • An introductory no claims discount


Be accurate about your mileage and overseas travel

Be as accurate as you can when advising your insurance provider about your annual mileage and any intentions to travel overseas in order to get the premium you deserve. Many insurance providers, including Club Care Insurance, are able to offer fantastic discounts on your premium if your annual mileage is limited or if you will not be travelling overseas.

It is also important to make sure that you do not underestimate your mileage, as if there is a significant difference between the estimate given to your insurance provider and your actual mileage, you may find that your policy is no longer valid.

Stick with one provider for multi-product discounts

Another great way to get cheaper motorhome insurance is to buy multiple products from one provider and benefit from the multi-product discounts that are available.

With Club Care Insurance, you can receive a 10% discount if you insure both your home and motorhome with us.

The straight forward and polite telephone manner of your Club Care adviser convinced me to accept your quote immediately. Delivering on your promise to email the documents to me further reinforces my belief that I made the right choice in dealing with your company.

Testimonial from Charlie Patterson, Motorhome Insurance policyholder

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