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Vulnerable Clients

      At Howden, we are committed to providing quality products and services for all our clients. We work in an open and responsible way that builds the trust and respect of those we value and aim to ensure that everyone is provided with good product and service choices and communicated with in a way that best suits that individual. Ultimately, we always want you to make good buying decisions and have a positive experience when dealing with us.

      Identifying clients in vulnerable circumstances

      Although you might not see yourself as vulnerable there are lots of different reasons that you might benefit from a little extra help, and we’d like to be able to offer it to you when it’s most needed. From a permanent disability, mental illness or learning issues to a temporary inability to pay your bills or a change in circumstances such as bereavement. We are here to help.

      Looking after our clients

      Our colleagues receive training on how to help vulnerable and disabled clients. We are constantly looking for ways to make your insurance purchase as simple as possible so if there is a way of improving our service and support to you, please let us know at

      You may have dyslexia and find it difficult to read from the white paper your documents are printed on. Ask us about having information printed on a different coloured paper or in large print. If it helps you, it makes us happy.

      ‘Cost of living – if you are struggling to continue your insurance cover or if your insurance premium is paid by Direct Debit, and you are struggling to make repayments, please contact us so that we can discuss what options are available to you. ’

      There are all sorts of ways we can help so please let us know.

      How we record your information

      Howden will only record information about a client’s vulnerability or disability which is relevant to the services that we provide. Further details about the information that we store can be found in our Privacy Policy.

      Appointing someone to act on your behalf:

      Managing your insurance policy or application

      If you need assistance in managing your policy, you can notify Howden and request a Delegated Authority on your record.

      Power of Attorney

      If a client has a Power of Attorney who wants to act on their behalf, we will need a certified copy of the LPA certificate to be sent to the branch/branches that hold your policy/policies.

      Dealing with bereavement

      We understand how difficult it can be when a friend or family member has passed away. Our colleagues are here to help you liaise with your insurance company.

      Who do I contact?

      Simply call your local branch to notify them. Details of our branches can be found on our website, you don’t even need to be aware of the original branch. Just provide us with the details and we’ll deal with the rest for you.

      What we’ll need

      The policyholder’s name, postcode and date of birth.

      What happens next?

      We will ask you to supply a copy of the death certificate and we will discuss the ongoing policy with you to get the right outcome.

      Providing Information in different formats

      If you require any information in a different format, including large print or on coloured paper please contact your local branch.

      Monitoring our policy

      Howden regularly review our colleagues’ performance and work closely with third parties to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our clients. We will regularly review this policy and the procedures in line with it.

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