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Looking for Cheaper Insurance?

      Our flexible Touring Caravan cover will suit your needs and budget.

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      Although insuring you caravan is not a legal requirement, your unit has a great financial and sentimental value, so it is wise to cover your investment with a comprehensive insurance policy. Touring Caravan Insurance can protect your unit from theft or damage, so it could save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

      The following tips could help you to get cheaper insurance that will still protect your valuable asset:

      Notify your insurance provider about safety and security devices

      Make your insurance provider aware of any safety and security devices that your caravan has fitted, as this could significantly reduce the cost of your Caravan Insurance premium. These may have come as standard on your caravan or you may have fitted them yourself, but as long as they are in good working condition you could receive the following discounts from Club Care:

      • Up to 2.5% discount for flat tyre protection (such as Tyron safety bands)
      • Up to 2.5% discount for a TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system
      • 2.5% for AL-KO ATC Trailer Control
      • Up to 10% discount when your caravan is fitted with a proactive tracker or tracking device
      • Up to 10% discount for an approved wheel lock (such as AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock)
      • Up to 5% discount for caravans with a factory fitted alarm

      Store your caravan in a secure place

      Insurers will assess how safely you store your caravan to determine the cost to insure it, taking into consideration your postal address, the use of locked gates or garages and storage sites that have been awarded accreditations. Therefore, if you are looking to get cheaper Caravan Insurance, we would recommend that you always store your caravan somewhere as secure as possible to reduce your premium.

      Club Care offers the following discounts to reward customers for safe storage:

      • 12.5% discount for storing in a CaSSOA Platinum Site
      • 10% discount for storing in a CaSSOA Gold Site

      Consider the experience of drivers on your policy

      When naming the drivers on your Caravan Insurance policy, you should consider the experience of those that you are looking to insure, as this will affect the cost of your premium.

      If you are an experienced caravanner, Club Care Insurance offer you the following discounts on your Caravan Insurance policy:

      • 5% discount for being a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club
      • Up to 10% discount for completing The Camping and Caravanning Club’s manoeuvring course (5% beginners, 10% advanced)
      • 5% discount for being a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club

      Accurately state overseas travel

      When informing an insurer about your intentions to travel overseas, make sure that you are as accurate as possible in order to get the most appropriate insurance premium for your requirements.

      If you have no intention to travel abroad, Club Care Insurance will be able to provide discounts on your Caravan Insurance premium.


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