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Insurance FAQs

      Our flexible Touring Caravan cover will suit your needs and budget.

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      Many insurance customers have questions about the aspects of their insurance policy and we have answered the most common ones we get asked below. If your question isn’t answered here then please call us on 0800 124 4633 and one of our advisors will be happy to help you get the cover you need.

      Our Touring Caravan Insurance policy covers:

      1. Physical loss or damage to the:

      Caravan, including fixed motor movers, fixtures and fittings, integral furniture and soft furnishings (such as upholstery, curtains and carpets), as well as appliances such as fridges, freezers and cookers.
      Awning, equipment, contents and personal effects

      2. Loss of use as a result of your unit being uninhabitable following a physical loss. Payments are available for:

      Hotel, motel or alternative accommodation or;
      The hire of a similar unit to continue your holiday and/or;
      The cost of recovering your contents and personal belongings to your home

      3. Injuries suffered while you are on holiday with your caravan

      4. Your legal liability to a third party as a result of using or owning your caravan.

      For full details of what is covered within an insurance policy please see the policy wording.

      An insurer will not pay out more than the total sums insured you have chosen or the limit of indemnity, so it is important to ensure that these are both adequate so that you get the payment you need in the event of a claim. Both the sums insured and limits of indemnity are set out in your evidence of insurance.

      If you insure your caravan on a new for old basis then you will be offered a replacement caravan of similar make or model to your existing one in the event of a total loss of the caravan through theft or damage, provided that your sums insured are sufficient. If at the time of the loss, the sum insured for your caravan is less than 90% of the cost of a new replacement or nearest equivalent, then the basis of cover reverts to “market value” (see explanation below). A full explanation of new for old cover is available on the basis of cover explained page.

      If you insure your caravan on market value basis then you will be paid the current value of your caravan, based on the valuation listed in the most recent Glass’s Guide.

      As with new for old cover, you will need to ensure that your sums insured are sufficient to match this valuation, or you may find that you are paid less than you expect. A full explanation of market value cover is available on the basis of cover explained page.

      If you choose to insure your caravan under agreed value, we will base your sums insured on the amount you paid for it. This means that in the event of a total loss of your caravan you are guaranteed to get a payment matching what you originally spent on the caravan, provided that you can produce a receipt or proof of purchase confirming the value at the time it was bought (which must have been within five years).

      Agreed value cover is available on all caravans purchased from a recognised dealer in the UK. A full explanation of agreed value cover is available on the basis of cover explained page.

      Yes – all Club Care Touring Caravan Insurance policies will cover as standard the cost of any repairs needed following damage caused by extreme weather, including storms and floods.

      Club Care policies will cover all awnings including:

      • Full awnings which run the length of the touring caravan
      • Half awnings which only run half the touring caravan’s length, but always cover the door
      • Porch awnings which cover the door only
      • Canopies which have no sides
      • Sun canopies

      As with all aspects of your policy, your sums insured need to be sufficient to cover the cost of replacing or repairing the awning. The policy will also not cover awnings left erected and unattended for more than four days.

      Our policy wording defines “equipment” as “tents other than awnings (covered under a separate heading) but including toilet tents, gas bottles, batteries, security devices including wheel clamps, stabilisers, generators, satellite dishes, solar panels, aqua roll, air conditioning units, and motor movers that are not fixed to your touring caravan.”

      It also includes sports equipment in the form of camping lanterns, fishing rods, wetsuits, surfboards and inflatable dinghies (not more than 14 feet in length).

      You need to make sure that the sums insured cover all your equipment, as if the amount you choose is too low you might not receive the full amount of your claim.

      The policy will cover loss or damage to your contents and personal items, including bedding, linen, luggage, general household goods, portable television sets, audio equipment and personal possessions belonging to you or your family, provided that they are in the caravan or towing vehicle at the time of loss or damage.

      The policy does not cover any single item worth more than £300, items already insured elsewhere (e.g. under your home insurance policy), money or valuables such as jewellery, gold, silver, precious stones, watches, furs and cameras.

      Loss of Use cover is included as standard in all Club Care Touring Caravan Insurance policies, and will contribute towards the reasonable costs of hotel or alternative accommodation, or to hire a similar, replacement caravan to enable you to continue your holiday, if your touring caravan becomes unusable (or uninhabitable) following an insured incident.

      Cover is also provided if you are due to depart on a pre-booked holiday with your caravan and, despite all reasonable efforts, the repair (or replacement) cannot be completed by the planned departure date. Cover is provided up to a maximum of £250 per day but restricted to a limit of up to £3,500 depending on your policy.

      Yes – friends and family cover is included as standard, provided the caravan is used solely for leisure/holiday purposes and you get no commercial or financial gain from lending it.

      With Club Care Touring Caravan Insurance policies, you can choose to cover incidents occurring in:

      the United Kingdom only (including transit to and from the Channel Islands and/or the Isle of Man) or
      Europe as well as the United Kingdom

      You can add European cover to your policy for 180 days, 240 days or 365 days. We define Europe as being “any country that is a member State of the European Union, Andorra, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City and transits between those areas”.

      Please refer to the “Period of cover and territorial scope” section within your “Evidence of Insurance” policy document, to ensure the number of days cover for incidents occurring outside the United Kingdom meets your caravanning needs. If you need insurance for countries not listed in your Evidence of Insurance, or for periods greater than set out in your Evidence of Insurance, please contact us on 0800 124 4633 for a quote.

      The “Liability to the Public” section of the policy covers you for your legal liability (and your family or your legal representative) for causing accidental death, bodily injury or illness to a third party, or accidental damage to a third party’s property – arising from the ownership and use of your caravan.

      You simply need to select the “limit of indemnity” i.e. the maximum amount insurers will pay for any one third party claim, including legal costs (from £1 million up to £5 million).

      Please note this policy excludes third party injury or damage caused while your touring caravan is being towed. Third party liability cover is a legal requirement for all motor vehicles (as outlined in the relevant road traffic legislation). It is prudent to check with your current motor insurance provider to ensure they permit the towing of a caravan under their third party liability section.

      Motor insurance will not provide cover for the loss of or damage to the actual caravan itself, or property contained in or on the caravan. However, these aspects are covered under this policy – hence the importance of having quality caravan insurance cover such as that provided by Club Care Insurance.

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