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Caravan Legal Expenses Cover

      Add this to your touring caravan policy to protect you if you are involved in an accident which is not your fault.

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      Caravan Legal Expenses Cover is designed to help if you have a motor accident that was not your fault and provides assistance in the recovery of any uninsured losses.

      When you make an insurance claim, any costs not covered by your caravan insurance (such as your policy excess) are known as uninsured losses. If you are the innocent party in an accident involving your caravan (that is not your fault), you have a legal right to claim these uninsured losses from the other driver who caused the accident.

      First of all, how much does it cost?

      £12 for all Club Care customers.

      Benefits of the cover

      This add-on covers: legal fees, costs and expenses up to £100,000 (providing there is a reasonable prospect of success) – protecting your legal right to pursue civil legal proceedings, to help you recover losses such as:

      • Personal injury compensation
      • Recovery of any policy excess
      • Loss of earnings
      • Compensation for “loss of use” of your tow car and/or caravan whilst your own vehicle is off the road, such as additional transport costs incurred e.g. cost of hiring a replacement
      • Loss or damage to valuables not already covered by your caravan insurance policy
      • 24 hour access to our legal helpline

      Please note: Any legal expenses claim must be reported no more than 180 days after the insured event incurred.

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