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Insurance Buyer’s Guide

      Trust us for specialist Motorhome Insurance that’s tailored to you and your exact needs.

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      There are so many Motorhome Insurance policies available that it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you and gives best value for money while still meeting all of your needs.

      Below are a few factors to consider when choosing a Motorhome Insurance policy, along with a few insights into how premiums are calculated so you know what could make it cheaper.

      Motorhome Insurance considerations

      Travelling abroad

      If you like to take your motorhome overseas on holiday, then you need to ensure that your policy allows this. Some insurers limit cover to 90 days, while others allow 270 days so if you are planning a lengthy trip, make sure that your insurance will cover it. Club Care policies can offer up to 270 days cover in the EU and associated countries.

      Motorhome claims expertise

      We can never really know how good our insurance is until we need to make a claim. When choosing an insurance company make sure you speak to other motorhome owners to get their recommendations and always check that the company you choose has a 24-hour helpline so that whatever happens, and whenever it happens, someone is on the other end of the phone line to help you.

      Cheaper isn’t always better

      You can now pick up cheap insurance at supermarket checkouts, but will they have the expertise to help you out if you find yourself in trouble and need to make a claim? It is always tempting to opt for the lowest premium, but if you find yourself needing to make a claim, particularly while you are using the motorhome and the situation is time-critical, will the cheap policy provide the support you need?

      Personal belongings

      You will also need to consider what might happen in the event of a break-in. Remember that many of your personal effects may already be covered under your household contents insurance policy. A typical Motorhome Insurance policy will cover equipment, baggage, awnings, toilet tents, portable TVs and audio equipment up to a total value of £350. Do check your insurer’s exact definitions and the limit of cover available. Club Care can offer up to £5,000.

      Check that the full value of your motorhome is covered

      Motorhome prices are going up and it is no longer unusual to find a motorhome selling for over £70,000, yet some companies make this the limit for their Motorhome Insurance cover. Club Care can cover for any value, but we may ask you to fit extra security devices to a very expensive motorhome.

      How can I reduce my motorhome insurance premium?

      Limited mileage

      Club Care offer a discount to drivers who have low annual mileages. Always tell your insurer how many miles you plan to do each year because as well as earning discounts there may be annual mileage limits written into the policy, so you may not have the cover you need.

      Introductory no claims discount

      A good no claims bonus can earn you significant discounts on your premiums – at Club Care we offer up to 60% discount for four or more years no claims. Some policies will allow you to match the no claims you have earned on your car and receive the benefit on your motorhome too – Club Care can do this and your car does not have to be insured with us.

      Named drivers

      Most motorhome insurance policy premiums are based on the youngest or least experienced driver, so even if they only drive occasionally they will be pushing your premiums up. Think carefully: do you really need to add younger and less experienced drivers to your motorhome insurance policy?

      Safety and security devices

      Although some safety and security devices can be expensive they can earn you a good discount on your premiums, not to mention give you peace of mind that you really have done all you could to protect your vehicle from thieves and keep those inside safe at all times. Typically, you may get a 5%-10% discount for investing in safety and security devices.

      Club Care’s top tips for buying motorhome insurance

      • Make sure you the cover you buy is exactly what you need.
      • Look at your motorhome insurance every year. Don’t pay for more cover than your motorhome is worth, unless your policy is new for old.
      • Make sure all other drivers are named on your policy. Extra drivers don’t add much to the premium, but un-named drivers are not covered.
      • Take your insurance documents with you and keep copies at home.
      • Build a passport for your vehicle, with pictures, serial numbers and all relevant details. They will help the authorities to identify your vehicle if it is stolen or cloned.
      • Choose wisely and enjoy your motorhome with true peace of mind.

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