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Site Owners Public Liability Insurance

Protect your campsite from the threat of compensation claims

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Visitors to your campsite expect you to provide a safe environment in which they can relax in a natural setting. But what happens if a guest is injured or their property is lost or damaged and they claim it was your fault? There are many firms who make a living from persuading people to claim compensation for injury or loss of property and the cost of such claims against your campsite could be disastrous!

  • Premiums starting from just £66.24 (including Insurance Premium Tax) for up to 5 units
  • Optional £10m Employers Liability cover
  • Optional stock/property and equipment cover
  • Optional loss of money cover
  • Court Awards - Up to £250,000 cover where the insured has been awarded by a UK Court but has been unable to recover it
  • Up to £5m Public Liability cover available
  • Standard cover over 10 acres but enhanced cover to include additional land available on referral
  • Removing, nullifying, cleaning up, Seeping or Polluting or Conatamination Substances or Remediation if caused by a sudden, identifiable, unintended and unexpected occurrence
  • Premiums are based on the combined number of units and campers on site

At Club Care we listen to our customers and wherever possible amend our policies to give you the cover you tell us you need. With this in mind we have added the following optional extras to our public liability insurance:

  • £10m employers liability cover
  • Stock/property  and equipment cover
  • Loss of money cover

Here are some recent examples of claims made by guests at campsites insured with Club Care.

As you can see, even where we have successfully defended the claim for our clients, there are unrecoverable costs for something that was not our client’s fault.

Claim type Result Cost of claim
Claimant hit by branch from a tree which fell among a group of campers Liability accepted and claim in progress  £85,000 (Insurer reserve)
Claimant slipped in shower area and sustained serious injury  Liability accepted and claim paid  £9,000
Damage to mains drainage in the course of ground works by site manager  Liability accepted and claim paid  £2,400
Claim submitted to recover damages to a caravan allegedly caused by farm equipment on site  Claim defended successfully £2,300 investigation costs
Claimant failed to negotiate site exit and alleged exit layout was at fault  Claim defended successfully  £0
Stones thrown by mower penetrated side of caravan Liability accepted and claim paid   £2,300
Claimant allegedly slipped on wet decking and broke leg  Claim defended successfully  £2,000 investigation costs
Site manager’s dog ran allegedly amok in camper’s awning  Claim not followed up  £0
Stones thrown by strimmer dented caravan Liability accepted and claim paid  £220
Stones thrown by mower damaged caravan window and side panel  Liability accepted and claim paid  £1219
Grass cutting equipment became entangled in claimants awning Liability accepted and claim paid  £300
Claimant allegedly sustained serious ankle injury whilst exiting own awning Claim in progress  £5,000 (Insurer reserve)
Claimant failed to negotiate site exit and alleged layout of exit was inappropriate and so site at fault Claim defended successfully as nobody else had ever hit it  £0
Claimant allegedly tripped on uneven grassy area sustaining an injury to her ankle. Claim defended successfully £1000 investigation costs
Height barrier lowered out of normal hours which claimant failed to notice, despite brightly painted barrier and warning notices with buzzer controlled entrance.  Claim defended successfully  £0


The majority of damage claims result from objects launched by mowing equipment. The majority of injury liability claims arise as a result of "slip and trip" type incidents as a result of wet, uneven or poorly lit surfaces. A campsite in a natural woodland area is often full of such hazards and the duty of care is sometimes not so easily defined. This does not stop people bringing cases that have little merit and these can still be distressing and time consuming to the site and so we will still manage these on behalf of the site.

Undoubtedly you make every effort to take great care of anyone visiting your campsite but someone seeking compensation will argue this is not the case and courts can return unexpected verdicts. Even if you follow basic housekeeping rules such as logging inspections of the shower block and removing hazards quickly a claimant may argue your reasonable action was too little or too late.

Should a guest be unfortunate enough to suffer an injury that prevented them from working, the cost could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Even if a court decides you were not to blame, the cost of lawyers’ bills alone will run into thousands that may not be recoverable.

At Club Care we want to ensure that, if you are ever put in the situation where someone looked to you for compensation, you have the right cover needed to defend and manage the claim and to protect your campsite. Beyond the cost of compensation, there is also the cost to your reputation and the stress and time spent dealing with claims. Your public liability policy allows you to concentrate on running your campsite whilst leaving your insurer to take the financial and time-consuming strain.

Call: 01277 243014
Call: 01277 243014

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